Satyam Zode:
> I have written project proposal (application) for the same. I kindly
> request you to review the application [1]. I need your valuable
> feedback and suggestions. I will consider it to improve an
> application.
>  [1]:

Thanks for your application. I much appreciated that it's done before
the deadline. I also like you being clear of your other commitments.

I think it would have been fine application for last summer, but we've
made significant progress on several fronts since, therefore I'm not
convinced that there's much work left in the tasks your propose. I think
it would be better to aim with more precise tasks, e.g. toolchain
software you'll be improving to solve classes of issues, or at leas an
outline the features you intend to add to strip-nondeterminism or

(If you feel you're part of the reproducible builds team and disagree
with my comments, please say so!)

If you look at packages identified as leaving timestamps in gzip
headers, you'll see that most of them already have patches, and the ones
who don't are affected with other issues:
These other issues probably deter maintainers' motivation to fix the
problems with gzip timestamps.

Almost all packages with varying mtimes in data.tar or control.tar have
patches or have been fixed through toolchain improvements:

It feels quite suboptimal to highlight user and groups in tarballs as
separate issues as I think all are affected by other tarball related
issues. They should be fixed at the same time:

Regarding timestamps due to C pre-processor macros, Dhole is waiting
for GCC patch window to open again—which will be in April, IIRC.
So unless you intend to work on adding support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in
clang, I'm not sure there's much work left on this issue. I believe that
fixing the 400+ packages individually should not be undertaken if
we can avoid it.

Emmanuel Bourg has been working and fixing almost all Java-related
issues in the course of the past year. I expect he'll probably work on
this fixing locale related javadoc issue in a near future. I guess you
could coordinate with him to write the necessary patches, though.

These quick evaluations leave me the feeling that your proposed schedule
is currently not adequate with actual needs of the reproducible builds

This probably means that progress can be made on making more visible
areas that actually require work…

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