Satyam Zode:
> So this summer I intend to work on
> 1) Improvements to diffoscope:
> 1.1)  Allow users to ignore arbitrary differences (Addition of
> ignore-profiles flag).
> 1.2)  Perform fuzzy-matching across archives.
> 1.3)  Finish parallel processing part.
> Above points are mentioned on GSoC wiki. And also there are more
> features mentioned in whishlist
> (
> I will try to cover some of those too.

Sounds good. Be aware that the first part will require some design work.
Finding the right UI regarding ignores might require input from the
community. I'd recommend to split this into two parts
(design+experiment+survey / implementation+documentation). You probably
will want to work on other things in parellel with the discussions.

Could you try to come up with rough estimations on how much time all of
the above would require?

Fixing #818856 should not be too hard. If you could submit a patch that
would make more confident that you could do all the above.

> I guess Better/smarter ELF diffing is underdevelopment (I have checked
> git logs and diffoscope for same)

Most of the improvements we could think of have indeed been implemented
since. :)

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