On 2016-03-06, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Sonntag, 6. März 2016, Axel Beckert wrote:
>> I now wonder if a bunch of Raspberry Pi 3 -- since they have 64-bit
>> CPUs (IIRC an Allwinner A53T) -- would make us able to check
>> reproducible-builds for Debian arm64, too.
> as far as I know, yes. Though I would want to use some other arm64 boards as 
> well, to have hardware variety right from the start.
> I think we'd need 10-12 of such boards for a start, not sure if we still have 
> Debian funds to buy those (but I almost think so… Vagrant?) - providing we 
> would find someone interested+able to host these. Would you (Axel) be able 
> too?

There's about US$1200 left.

To follow through with number of boards in the original proposal, I
should probably get at least 3-4 more boards... or should we branch out
into an arm64 network with the remaining funds?

If that's the case, I'd probably need someone else to host the boards,
though I could proably host some initial experimentation just to get the
basic infrastructure set up. I could also experiment with using the
arm64 boards but building armhf packages, which seems like an
interesting middle-ground. Curious what folks think.

Could get a few odroid-c2 for ~$60 with usb-sata adapter, power
supply, and case. Mainline linux for similar boards exists... but not
for odroid-c2 explicitly.

The LeMaker Hikey goes for ~$100+accessories. Limited mainline support
exists. I already have one donated by LeMaker for experimenting with.

The Pine64 boards are currently going for ~$30 for the 2GB ram
variants. Not sure what the timeline on delivery is, though I have a few
coming for experimentation.

Seems like raspberry PI 3 doesn't yet really support arm64, and only has
1GB of ram. I don't think it's worth considering.

Cheap 120GB SSD costs around US$40-50 each.

So, you might be able to get 8-10 boards running with the remaining

The LeMaker Cello is about ~US$300+accessories, with dual native SATA,
and may come with 8GB ram out of the box, upgradable to 32GB or more:


Two to three LeMaker Cello might outperform a network of 8-10 lower spec
machines, and probably be a lot easier to maintain. Mainline linux
support for similar boards exists... that said, The Cello isn't actually
shipping yet (but soon?)... soooo...

live well,

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