Chris Lamb:
>> Then I'd have expected it to fail also in the buildds...
> Oh, it *doesn't* fail in the buildds? Weird.
> Still, given that it's *this* particular test that fails it's almost
> certainly something along the lines I previously suggested (this test
> is deliberately designed to test a fix that appeared in 0.026) just
> via a different vector.

It uses the the local file and not the system-wide installed files (at
least for the zip/jar handler).

> Will hopefully can have a look later unless someone with actual Perl
> knowledge can jump in.

The problem is TZ != "UTC". The strip-nondeterminism and
dh_strip_nondeterminism tools set TZ to "UTC" so it doesn't show up in
regular use. But the test doesn't do this.

This can be fixed with:

diff --git a/t/fixtures.t b/t/fixtures.t
index ca18f45..41872bd 100644
--- a/t/fixtures.t
+++ b/t/fixtures.t
@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ my %STAT = (
        12 => "blocks (actual number of system-specific blocks allocated on 
+$ENV{'TZ'} = 'UTC';
 $File::StripNondeterminism::canonical_time = 1423159771;
 my @fixtures = glob('t/fixtures/*/*.in');

But maybe it would be better to fix the library interface to not need
this hack (but this might be complicated because it (maybe) needs to be
fixed in libarchive).

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