Ximin Luo:
> HW42:
>>> I preferred the ${x}dir style instead of dir_${x} or ${x}_dir because
>>> of some existing conventions like
>>> https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/html_node/Directory-Variables.html
>> Well, OTOH, freedesktop.org uses _DIR:
>> https://specifications.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-latest.html
> Good point, and "properly" following the GNU convention I mentioned
> would be SRCROOTDIR or SOURCEROOTDIR anyways.
> I'm going to suggest SOURCE_ROOT_DIR - I think it sounds more natural
> and consistent than SOURCE_DIR_ROOT, the concept is more like (source
> code's (root (directory)) and not, e.g. (a (source directory)'s root),
> and in English we don't usually put adjectives after the noun.
> The name is only used by 2 packages [1] and these cases are both
> source-code constants and not environment variables. So I think it's
> for us to take the name.
> If nobody else has any comments, I'm going to proceed next week with
> this name, with
> 1. writing some text/arguments to promote this to gcc
> 2. amend dkg's patch to do what we just discussed. (also
> -ffile-prefix-map, also fix __TIMESTAMP__ to use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
> whilst I'm at it)

I was also planing to write something once we have some consensus, but
if you are doing to do this, that is great ;]

Please keep the three things (SOURCE_ROOT_DIR, file-prefix-map and
__TIMESTAMP__) separate. I think this should be easier for upstream,
instead of discussing three different changes in the same mail. Once
file-prefix-map and SOURCE_ROOT_DIR is accepted adapting file-prefix-map
should be trivial.

> 3. think about the semantics of a spec. In particular, and unlike
> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, I think it's OK for upstream projects to override
> this themselves. For example, sometimes project A likes to put
> external project B in a subdirectory b/, but we still want to debug as
> if b/ was the root. (In Debian we try very hard to just `rm -rf b/`
> but there *are* important cases where we make an exception to this.)
> X
> [1] https://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=\bSOURCE_ROOT_DIR\b

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