On Sat, Aug 12 2017, Russ Allbery wrote:

> I suspect we want to say build and host architecture for right now.
> (Maybe we can later aspire to making the build architecture not
> matter.)

On Sat, Aug 12 2017, Ximin Luo wrote:

> To echo dkg and others' comments, it would be nice if we could add
> here:
> +Packages are encouraged to produce bit-for-bit identical binary
> packages even +if most environment variables and build paths are
> varied. This is technically +more difficult at the time of writing,
> but it is intended that this stricter +definition would replace the
> above one, when appropriate in the future.

Here is an updated patch addressing these.  I reworded it to use
'recommended' and changed the tone to better suit policy.

Thank you Ximin, Russ and Johannes!

> "precisification" -> "more precise version"

Our definition is not actually a /version/ of the
reproducible-builds.org definition -- that would imply that our
definition could replace the reproducible-builds.org definition, like
upgrading a package.

'precisification' means roughly "filling out the missing specification
when it is appropriate to fill it out", which is what the r-p.org
definition instructs distributors to do.

diff --git a/policy/ch-source.rst b/policy/ch-source.rst
index 127b125..6e32870 100644
--- a/policy/ch-source.rst
+++ b/policy/ch-source.rst
@@ -661,6 +661,28 @@ particularly complex or unintuitive source layout or build 
system (for
 example, a package that builds the same source multiple times to
 generate different binary packages).
+Packages should build reproducibly, which for the purposes of this
+document [#]_ means that given
+- a version of a source package unpacked at a given path;
+- a set of versions of installed build dependencies;
+- a set of environment variable values;
+- a build architecture; and
+- a host architecture,
+repeatedly building the source package for the build architecture on
+any machine of the host architecture with those versions of the build
+dependencies installed and exactly those environment variable values
+set will produce bit-for-bit identical binary packages.
+It is recommended that packages produce bit-for-bit identical binaries
+even if most environment variables and build paths are varied.  It is
+intended for this stricter standard to replace the above when it is
+easier for packages to meet it.
 .. [#]
    See the file ``upgrading-checklist`` for information about policy
    which has changed between different versions of this document.
@@ -790,3 +812,7 @@ generate different binary packages).
    often creates either static linking or shared library conflicts, and,
    most importantly, increases the difficulty of handling security
    vulnerabilities in the duplicated code.
+.. [#]
+   This is Debian's precisification of the `reproducible-builds.org
+   definition <https://reproducible-builds.org/docs/definition/>`_.

Sean Whitton

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