Siebel Admin

Kansas City, KS

2 to 3 Months

Rate: 55/hr

Looking for resources knowledgeable in Siebel platforms to support new
installation of projects.

Production and Test environment tasks will consist of following:
- Performance evaluation and tuning of the entire Test and Production
- Environment Management
- Performance monitoring
- Database Tuning and monitoring
- Server Administration
- Network monitoring LAN/WAN for Siebel
- Infrastructure/Environment Enhancements
- Environment restructuring
- Knowledge Transfer with Business and Technical teams
- Review of all Technical Design Documentation
- Hands-on training of Assignment Manager
- Emails, Email templates and Outbound Email Manager
- Activity Plans
- Business Services and Workflows
- LOV Administration
- Employee Admin
- Organization and Positions

Enhancement requests:
- Application Administration [Does not require a Compile]
- Development/Configuration [Requires a compile and schedule]
- Project Management
- Managing Warranty items
- Managing Enhancements
- Project Task Scheduling and Work Prioritization
- Project Status Reports
- Deployment Support
- Employee Data Load jobs for ECM/MEDR/ERS

Support for Production issues:
Ongoing support for Training and Testing efforts Competencies: Needs to be
experienced in Siebel platform with actual work experience. Needs to be able
to perform tasks above and be able to work with a team that needs training
in some of the areas.

Thanks and Regards

Ramesh Kumar
Vayu Inc
Phone No        : 330-931-4649
Fax No            : 330-266-7336
Email              : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Web               :
Yahoo             :  Ramesh_vayuinc

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