Title: QA Tester

Location: San Jose, CA

Length: 6 months


Seeking  people with the following characteristics:

•    .NET Engineering QA tester (ideally with C# and VB/ASP experience).

•    Proactive, willing to shoulder responsibility for tasks that require

•    Great attention to detail and with a passion for things being done “the
right way.”

•    Proficient in the language of choice.

•    Familiar with static analysis (FindBugs).

•    Plus the usual QA expectations.

*samples that you needs to provide if selected for interview -

1. Example JUnit tests featuring mock objects (the classes under test can be
2. Example interpretation of a FindBugs or PMD report.
3. A short (1 – 3 paragraph) note describing the use of mock objects for the
controlled exploration of classes and methods.
- industry best practices for test automation, described in the popular
"Pragmatic Programmer" book series. If not familiar direct them to review
that material immediately.*

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