*Please send profiles to ki...@globalnest.com *

*Need: Web UI Developer in South Brunswick, NJ for 5 Months contract

*Interview Type**: Telephonic and In-Person***

*Description: *

·         Must have *5 or more recent years of very strong experience* in
building rich *web applications* using *cutting-edge technologies*.  Must
have *client-side* *Web UI development* and understanding of the differences
between browsers.

·         Must have *5 or more recent years of experience* in *ASP.Net
2.0/3.5 using C# *programming language in development of Web based
applications, custom server side controls, generating *HTML* using
server-side code.

·         Must have* 3 or more years experience in working hand-on in AJAX
technologies*, XHR - not limited to Microsoft AJAX (Update Panel, Script
Manager). Clear understanding of the inner workings of AJAX Technologies

·         Must have *3 or more years experience in client side DOM
manipulation using JavaScript*

·         Must have *3 or more years of strong experience in CSS creation
and editing.*

·         2 or more years of experience or understanding in advanced
JavaScript working with Object based JavaScript, understanding and working
with concepts like Closures, Prototypes in JavaScript

·         Understanding of *JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, EXT-JS, or

·         Understanding of various techniques for making cross-domain

·         Proficiency in using client side debugging tools like Firebug, IE
Developer Toolbar, Fiddler.

·         Understanding of client side controls like AutoComplete, Tag
Clouds Carousels in JavaScript

·         Experience with ASP.NET, including creation of controls, and
control and page inheritance.

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