*Please send profiles to ki...@globalnest.com*

*Looking for “Sr QA Analyst” in NYC, NY for 6+ Months contract position…*

* *

*Interview Type: **telephonic and In-person***

*Must have stable 4 - 6 years of portfolio management*

*Description: *

Candidate will be responsible for the accurate testing of a client portfolio
reporting system that specializes in Financial Data   Processing systems.
Specifically, the candidate must be an expert in Back End testing.


·         Minimum 6 years QA/IT experience in the financial industry with
basic understanding of portfolio management, investment management and daily
data processing (holdings, trades, income, journals)

·         4-6 years *QA experience with portfolio accounting applications*.

·         Extensive *SQL background*

·         Understanding of *Batch processing*

·         Experience with *front/middle-tier/back office testing and
messaging/queuing systems*

·         *SDLC*

·         Must pass skill assessment tests for *SQL, UNIX, and Brokerage &
Wealth Management*

*DB Knowledge:*

Understanding of a relational database

Understanding of Primary keys

Extensive experience in writing SQL join queries

Extensive experience in writing SQL insert and update commands

Ability to read and understand a data model


The ability to navigate a UNIX file system

Understanding of the chmod function

Understanding of the grep function

Understanding of relative and absolute paths

Understanding of redirection

Understands terminal editors

Proficient in VI

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