Do you have MySQL DBA/Architect???

* The client is looking for a TRUE Architect. One who can give ideas and own 
this migration project. They need someone who isn't simply a heads down coder 
or order taker, but a proactive candidate who can implement best practices and 
effect change.

* Platform data Migration (MSSQL to MYSQL)
* Architecture design- scalability, multi-master replication/clustering
* Proper Normalization and De-normalization with performance considerations.
* Warehousing- that is cognizant of all business process (for example, 
recommendations of star schema vs. data bus vs. snowflake.)
* ETL (mainly to warehouse)
* Partitioning / archiving with least amount of overhead.
* Consultation on shared nothing architecture and parallel processing.
* End goal is real time data analytics possibly full blown OLAP (predictive 
* Database design recommendation on modular vs. global
* Avoid- too many dimensions trap

Abdul H Shahriyar
Business Development Manager


14175 Sullyfield Circle, Suite # 400,Chantilly, VA 20151, U.S.A
Ph: 703 880 2641;
Ranked No.9 in the Washington DC area-Washington Business Journal, 2010;
Smart CEO Award Winner By SMART CEO Magazine, Baltimore, U.S.A;
Inc5000  Recognized Fastest growing private company in U.S.A

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