Please find attached resume of Farah, *Jr. Oracle Developer*

*Location: Clifton, NJ*

*Relocation: NJ, NY, PA, CT, MA*

*Recent Project  with : **REALSOFT Advanced Application*


   - Around* 3 years *of experience in Development of Client/Server
   applications using *Oracle 11g/10g/9i*databases/Oracle application tools
   and *RDBMS *concepts.

·         Expertise in *design, development *and* deployment* of end user
screens and reports using Oracle tools, *Oracle Forms 11g/10g/9i, Reports

·         Strong experience in *SQL*, *SQL*PLUS*, *PL/SQL*, back end
programming using *Packages*, *Functions*, *StoredProcedures*, *Exception
handlers*, *Views*, *RefCursors*, Record Types, *UTL_FILE* and other built
in packages for Oracle 10g/9i and also SQL queries/reports and scripts.

·         Expertise in developing complex code units, *Database triggers*
and using the latest features to optimize performance (*Bulk Binds,
Materialized views, Inline views, Global Temporary Tables*).

Please keep me informed

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