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*VB.Net + SQL Server Business Intelligence position*

*Location: Boise, Idaho*


*​Rate $43/hr max ​*

Agency Project Scope (Description of Work Needed - Additional background
check requirements are to be added here)

The current STC property tax system is an in-house developed integrated
property tax software solution that allows the County Assessor to track
property information, compute land and property value, process exemptions,
and produces Assessment Notices for the taxpayers.  The market value is
then passed to the Treasurer who applies special fees and credits and
creates Tax Bill.  Payments are then receipted and spread to all applicable
taxing districts.  The software was originally developed back in 1977 and
has been enhanced over the years.  The STC fully supports this system for
the counties who choose to use it.  We provide conversion programming,
on-site training, phone support, write new programs and reports to meet
county needs and legislative requirements, and work with counties to
process and complete enhancement requests.  We are looking to upgrade our
product and service by moving to a Windows based, user friendly system that
uses current technology.

We are in the process of migrating our existing legacy AS/400 RPG software
to a Client Server/web based PC format.  We have an in-house staff of 9 IT
Program Developers.  We are seeking programming expertise for our new
client server/web based system.  This position will not be employed for the
entire project; rather it will be used to review current code and offer
assistance to keep our staff moving in the right direction.  We will lay
the guidelines and the structure (such as SQL Server, table definitions,
etc.)  We need the programmer to review existing code and security, assist
with coding, and to work with us along the way so we can learn and move
forward.  We are about 60% done with Phase 1 of our rewrite.

Main focus would be:

•Expertise in Web Development and Security.  (Specifically user based
security, intranet web security and specialized coding as in demand
reports, batch services, trigger paper receipts to a printer from a browser
window.) Work with in-house developers on the work done so that they can
continue the development effort after the contract runs out.

We would like to start the contractor as soon as possible.   We are asking
that they work on-site at the Idaho State Tax Commission, so that we can
easily share ideas and discuss issues.

.   Because of fiscal year requirements, we must receive an invoice for
work performed through June 26th no later than June 26th, so that payment
can be processed before the end of the fiscal year (June 29th).

If additional work is required beyond what is completed in June, the Idaho
State Tax Commission will determine what additional funds are available for
this project in the new fiscal year and you will be advised of their

Agency Expected Deliverables

*Review client’s current user concepts & designs of both the application &

*Review security (Intranet and user based).  Assist with locating critical
web files in secure folders.

*Assist with batch services for print jobs, long running jobs, and what it
takes to structure/define/control the jobs.

    *Build standardized ASP blocks of code for functions such as list
Editing (Add/Change/Delete), Image storage/viewing, & Google Maps and
provide some code review along the way.


Thanks &Regards


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