We, Varun Rao and Radhesh Krishnan K would like to work on the bug
6742195and hence contribute to open solaris.
We request you to assign a sponsor for the same.My SCA no is OSO 352.
I forgot to attach the synopsis in the last post, here it is

*Bug ID*  6742195   *Synopsis*  largefile(5) manpage misspells "mknod"   *
State*  1-Dispatched (Default State)   *Category:Subcategory*
doc:applic_devel   *Keywords*  oss-bite-size   *Sponsor*
  *Reported Against*
  *Duplicate Of*
  *Introduced In*
  *Commit to Fix*
  *Fixed In*
  *Release Fixed*
  *Related Bugs*
  *Submit Date*  27-August-2008   *Last Update Date*  27-August-2008   *

the largefile(5) manual page misspells 'mknod' as 'mknode'

  *Work Around*


Thanks and regards,

Varun Rao
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