>- The only difference between /usr/bin/printf and /usr/xpg4/bin/printf
>  that /usr/bin/printf's "%s" precision option counts in screen columns
>  for SystemV backwards compatibity (e.g. a "screen column" means a
>  character which only spans one column - there are multibyte characters
>  which span more than one column).
>-- snip --
>Or short: The current /usr/bin/printf is _not_ POSIX/SUS conformant and
>cannot be fixed because it must behave (in this case) like the original
>Solaris version. Therefore we need a /usr/xpg4/bin/printf to handle this
>case (ksh93's "printf" version will behave like /usr/xpg4/bin/printf
>_without_ being bound to a PATH element (Don Cragun signed this off)).

Will /usr/bin/printf modified so that is behaved EXACTLY xpg4 print except 
for the incompatible change?

I think that we need to do that; we added to many options to xpg4/xpg6
binaries which we did not implement in the /usr/bin version.  We shouldn't 
do that: /usr/bin/xxx should be as close as possible to the xpg4/xpg6


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