Hello Anirudh,

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Open HA Cluster.

I will be happy to be your sponsor for this bug fix (6449857).

Please subscribe to 'ha-clusters-discuss at opensolaris.org' if you want
to discuss or have any questions regarding Open HA Cluster.

Regarding this bug fix, I will discuss the details with you offline.


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> Subject: [request-sponsor] Bug ID:6449857
> Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:10:27 +0530 (IST)
> From: Anirudh Goel <anirudh_05cse04 at students.amrita.ac.in>
> To: request-sponsor at opensolaris.org
> Dear Sir,
> I'm Anirudh Goel from Amrita University and i'd like to request a 
> sponsor for working with the bug in OpenSolaris having the ID:6449857.
> The details of the bug are as follows.
> Bug ID  6449857
> Synopsis  sap scs agent should log when message server starts and when 
> it fails to start
> State  1-Dispatched (Default State)
> Category:Subcategory  suncluster:ha-sapscs
> Keywords  f2f | oss-bite-size
> Thanks And Regards
> Anirudh Goel
> Amrita University
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