> Sorry, type: id is 6530523

I do that all the time with bug ids too. :)

Because there are potentially different discussions to be had, and potentially 
different timescales for implementation, I've split this RFE into 2: 
   6532480 would like an smf command to display service methods
   6530523 SMF command to print out all/part of service logfile

There's a discussion going on in smf-discuss about the particulars of resolving 
the RFEs.  (I'm sure Peter knows -- that comment is for the benefit of 
request-sponsor.)  I expect resolution will require C code to interact with 
existing SMF commands rather than new shell scripts. If that's still 
interesting to you, I'll be happy to sponsor either or both of the RFEs.

But, from a request-sponsor point of view, we should allow Peter to confirm 
that going down a path of C implementation in existing commands would be 
acceptable.  We can continue to hold that discussion in smf-discuss and return 
here with resolution.

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