Hi Guests and Guardians,

October was busier than expected, but now that the resort has just 2 guests visiting, I now have the time to recap on what was a very busy, and yet wildly unpredictable year at the resort so far.

This was the year that the enclosed area was expanded, the 5' fence enclosing the entire area was completed, and the front gate made escape proof (padlocked at all times, with a step ladder provided for unexpected guardians to use to climb over the gate/fence). Of course the big new feature, much appreciated by all the retrievers/labs, and considered as a big booby trap by the border collies, was the spring fed pond!! :-)

As to accidents, the only big brouhaha much enjoyed by the guests (to my total despair), was yet another 'Sniff Visit' gone badly wrong! A visit that went to the dogs, and then total chaos in a matter of seconds. :-( It happened on a busy Sunday in August (11 guests), when a small schnauzer with attitude, and her overly anxious guardian dropped in for a visit! I suggested that maybe the guest might like to stay in the car until after the other guests had been let out of the house, but this was pooh-poohed by both as not being necessary (...gets along great with other dogs...). So, I opened the door, and the wild horde came thundering out of the house on turbo boost. Now, what usually happens is that the new visitor freezes and remains motionless, or better yet hides under the car as all the other guests try to sniff his or her butt, then go off to check out the guardian/s for any hidden treats, and finally the car for any open doors.....! However, this schnauzer had a death wish or something, and promptly bit the bull terrier leading the charge on the nose (Maggie), and then tried to take a chunk out of a charming pitt bull's rear end (Angel)! A wild fur flying event ensued, with not much really happening, seeing that everybody was piled up in a huge mound, but then the guardian stepped into the middle of the fray, and held her darling up high over her head. This caused the other guests to jump up on her, as they tried to knip the little upstart on her butt, which they did several times, seeing that the schnauzer couldn't get her butt out of the way. Once the dust had settled, the guardian had several scratches on her legs (not a good idea to visit wearing shorts), and the schnauzer now smirking safely in the car had several bites (nothing serious) on her butt and back. Needless to say, I never saw either again, but they did send me the vet bill, which I paid, even though I thought the amount was rather outrageous.

Other than that, the only other events causing concern, being a new guest who hid, and couldn't be found (I thought she had escaped, and went into panic mode, but eventually found her hiding in a impossibly small space under a old piece of farm machinery), and several guests playing the can't get me into the house game (the worst being a new guest who couldn't be fooled all day by any of my clever tricks, but who then late at night (just as I was going to call her guardians), barked at the front door. She then came in wet and covered in mud, promptly jumped up on my bed, shook herself (sending water and mud everywhere), gave me a wolfish grin, growled at the other guests on the bed (who had dared to complain), and then nested in for the night. I was tempted to toss the little rat into the bath tub, but decided I'd had enough excitement for one day!).

The result of all this, is that I now manage all 'Sniff Visits' with excessive caution, and keep all new guests who arrive in the late afternoon on a leash (when they go outside for the first time, seeing that I could never find them in the dark, if they were inclined to play hide and seek, or the can't get me into the house game).

I now also have the overbooking issue well in hand, and remind all guests to book well in advance for any vacations taken during the busy holiday periods (the concierge is known to accept bribes/gifts, but only if you are really desperate, or your guardian/s have unavoidably screwed up your vacation plans).

In Other News:
As I'm sure you have now noticed, I now no longer provide photo or written updates (was taking up far to much of my time), with the new policy now being 'No news is Good news'!!
During the winter months, the driveway may be snowed in by drifting snow on occasion, if this happens, it is best to park at the road, and then walk your guardian/s in from there.

Looking forward to your next visit,

Pete and Guests

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