Hey gang.

What's the status of the EJB3 session bean support in Resin?

I have not had any trouble getting @Local bean set up, but there is no 
documentation on how to get @Remote beans working.  Are they even supported?

Also, what's up with the ejb-server configuration element?  One of the things 
I noticed that is weird is that when I add local beans like:

<ejb-server jndi-name='java:comp/env/ejb'>
        <bean type='nms.server.ejb.TestEJB'/>

it fails to load.  If I change the jndi name to something other than */ejb' it 
works fine.  In other words:

<ejb-server jndi-name='java:comp/env/beans'>
        <bean type='nms.server.ejb.TestEJB'/>

works perfectly.

I have also found that if I include more than 1 bean in the configuration only 
the first bean is loaded.  eg:

<ejb-server jndi-name='java:comp/env/beans'>
        <bean type='nms.server.ejb.TestEJB'/>
        <bean type='nms.server.ejb.Test2EJB'/>

When I try the lookups TestEJB is found fine but Test2EJB is not.  Any idea 
what I am doing wrong?

I am experimenting with Resin 3.0.21 open-source using Java 1.5.0_06 on 
Windows XP.


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