Has anybody experienced issues with JPG images or flash files not completely loading in a browser with Resin Pro 3.0.14?  We setup some development servers running 3.0.14 and certain images/flash files don’t load completely (or sometimes not at all).  The weird part is that it is an intermittent problem, but certain files seem to be more affected than others.  The problem does not seem to be caused by the browser, as we have replicated it in IE 6, IE 7, and FireFox on different computers in our office (and external ones).  It seems that Resin begins to transmit the file (I have part of the image in the browser’s cache), but then it just stops.  For Flash files, the flash begins to load and then locks up (similar problem where only part of the file is downloaded before it stops).


We have not yet noticed this problem when testing these files in Resin Pro 3.0.19, but I was wondering if this is something that was a known bug and was fixed or if it is just a coincidence that it is working better in 3.0.19.


Here are a few other reports of similar issues, but I have not yet found a solution that I understand:



http://www.caucho.com/support/resin-interest/0111/0002.html (from Resin 2)


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