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Scott, is this something that was fixed in recent releases?  I guess I could dig through the source since 3.0.15 and see if the servlet that serves images changed, but I was hoping you might be able to let me know.  ;)  I didn’t find a bug in BugTrack for this, but I might be searching for the wrong things.

The problem is that it's a pretty vague as a bug report.

If you had a HTTP trace that was clearly wrong, e.g. broken chunked encoding, then it would be a clear bug.  Otherwise, it could be too many things to really narrow the problem down, e.g. JNI, flushing, buffering, char -> byte encoding, keepalive, or gzip or caching, etc.  It would also depend on Resin standalone, Apache, or whatever. Those could be involved, too.  So, yes, there have been fixes in all those areas since 3.1.14. :)

It probably wouldn't be the FileServlet itself, unless the browser is using the HTTP Range.

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I had a similar situation in pro 3.0.15 (see http://www.caucho.com/support/resin-interest/0511/0093.html). The issue went away in later releases.




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