Has anyone been able to configure,make install pro versions > 3.0.19 on
Solaris 10? I have tried .20, .21, the current snap and 3.1 snap and
all of them give me flaky configure or make errors (well that's real
specific isn't it?). I am getting JNI errors, due to illegal flags
being passed in the configure scrip and some ssl errors too (from
memory something like wrong ELF library). I apologize for being vague,
but I don't have access to the error messages right now and I just
wanted to send a message to the list mainly to see if anyone else has
experienced the problem and hopefully knows of a solution.

BTW, when the resin folks to QA testing what are the target platforms
you test on (Linux versions, Solaris versions, Windows version)? Just
curious if you are doing install testing on Solaris 10 without errors.

~  Thomas Moorer
~  www.sleepycatsolutions.com

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