I'm assuming this is the right place to get questions answered about
issues with Resin, so here it goes:

I'm running Resin 3.0.21 compiled mod_caucho.so and I've set the
LoadModule parameter in my apache httpd.conf file. I have a java based
application running and when I first start resin and get into my
application all is well. But, as soon as I close my browser window and
try to get into my application I get the following error:

 /error/HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED.html.var was not found on this server.

   Resin-3.0.14 (built Tue, 05 Jul 2005 11:03:36 PDT)

At that point I have to restart Resin and then it works again until I
close my browser window.

Now, I do realize that it says Resin-3.0.14 on the line above. This is
because the application that I'm running comes pre-packaged with Resin
3.0.14 but I've had one hell of a time compiling mod_caucho.so with
resin 3.0.14, so I downloaded resin 3.0.21 and I was able to
successfully compile under Apache 2.0.54. I did read somewhere on the
Resin site that Resin 3.0.14 has had issues compiling with apache
2.0.54. If the issue is due to the fact that the mod_cacho.so is
compiled under a different resin version that the one I'm using it
with, I completely understand. I'll go back to the application vendor
and ask them to bundle their app with Resin 3.0.21.

On the other hand, I'm able to run my application all day long when I
use the resin on port 8600. So, this issue seems to be revolving
around Resin in conjuction with apache and it probably is the
different version of the mod_caucho.so file.

Your help on this issue is appreciated.


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