I am trying to configure Resin on fedora core 5.  The problem is that
something was changed so that resin will not recognize it's own lib
directory anymore.  It says it can't find certain files, but I know I have
placed them in the resin/lib directory.

I basically copied my resin installation from a production server that I am
developing for.  I had to change the RESIN_HOME, and JAVA_PATH to get it to
work originally.
I managed to set it up and get everything running properly, except for SSL. 
I was able to access all the normal unsecure HTTP pages without a problem.  

But I still needed SSL working, so I tried following the instructions here:

I think the line in particular may have been what broke my install.
./configure --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl

I had to reset my JAVA_PATH and RESIN_HOME in the httpd.sh after this.  At
this point Resin is not reading it's own lib directory anymore, and I don't
know why.

The big difference between my local setup and the production server is that
prod. uses apache to handle SSL, but I'd prefer not to do that if I can
avoid it.
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