I am attempting to set the browser's expires value for our static resources.
I have added the following to resin.conf under web-app-default:

      <cache-mapping url-pattern="*.gif" expires="7D"/>
      <cache-mapping url-pattern="*.png" expires="7D"/>
      <cache-mapping url-pattern="*.jpg" expires="7D"/>
      <cache-mapping url-pattern="*.swf" expires="7D"/>
      <cache-mapping url-pattern="*.js" expires="1D"/>

When using HTTP the expires value is set correctly, but when using HTTPS
no expires value is set causing the resource not to be cached.
Is this a bug or am I missing a configuration option?

I have tried this on resin-pro-3.0.19 and resin-pro-3.0.22.
Suse linux 10.0, Java 1.5.

Thanks in advance,

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