i spent days on trying quercus get to work. Yes i know that the snapshot 
on quercus.resin.com is just an aplha version - but it seems impossible 
to extract quercus from a stable resin-version.

I tried to run a "Hello World"-script with quercus. The result was 
disappointing because my firefox started the mplayer-plugin. the reason 
was that quercus set the content-type to "null". next i tried to force 
the right content-type with header("Content-Type: text/plain") - but 
nothing changed.
As i found out the header function in com.quercus.lib.Httpmodule is 
never called. later i found out that Quercus#addModule (or similar) is 
never called so quercus cleary is unable to know what it schould do when 
it parses the header funtion in a php script.
OK i thought quercus maybe needs further settings - but like the 
sourcecode quercus en bloc isn't documented very well.

Any tips how i can make quercus working properly?


Malte Schirmacher

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