Hi all resin gurus,

I'm trying to setup convenient development environment with hot swap and etc.

I start resin from my ide, I provide custom resin.conf where I have
<web-app> with <document-directory> pointed to my web content and
classes I work on.

The problem is that some static web content like styles, scripts is in
different place (don't ask me, I just clean here...) so I need
separate <web-app> with <document-directory> for my static files. That
works pretty good but... resin relentlessly creates WEB-INF/tmp,
WEB-INF/classes in all my static content folders. I don't want it!:( I
have a lot of static content and after server startup it is flooded
with WEB-INFs and svn goes crazy wanting me to check them in.

Now can I do something about it?
How can I setup static content web-app or convince resin that web app
doesn't have servlets so spare me WEB-INFing my folders!

Thanks a bunch for any answer

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