One advantage of cluster is for failover.

You might get performance gain when you maxed out CPU time on each of the 
physical servers. But if you have 95% idle time when running jmeter on single 
server configuration, it won't help you if you run it on 2 server cluster mode.

However, you brought up a good topic, I am also interested in the performance 
data on Resin cluster.

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I'm evaluating the resin-cluster capabilities. My problem is
that with the current setup using just one node performes
much better than having two nodes running.

The setup is:
Two apache server as frontend, I use the mod_caucho
module as load-balancer, two resin server. One Apache
and one resin instance is running on one physical server.

I tested the performance with Jmeter. Throughput with one
resin node running is about the double of the throughput
when I use both resin nodes (same load-Jmeter setup / 80 Users).
I was expecting an increased throughput having 2 nodes running.

Could that be a configuration issue? What are common
reasons for that behavior? Any ideas?


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