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We have just upgraded our main server form resin-pro-3.0.23 to resin- pro-3.1.1, running on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux (Feisty 7.04) with the latest Java6.

We're seeing the weirdest problem, and I'm hoping someone here might have seen it before and can help identify a resolution. Our pages are being correctly delivered, but the JSP Compiler is being invoked for every page request. Resin appears to be generating and compiling a new .java file in the work directory every time someone hits a page. This is, of course, pushing cpu load way higher than normal and will likely cause us a big problem by tomorrow when normal weekday traffic resumes.

We are running behind apache with mod_caucho right now, but we also tried running resin standalone to see if the mod_caucho connection was a factor. We observed the same problem with the standalone, so it appears to rule out mod_caucho as a cause.

Does anyone have any ideas why resin might be so aggressive in its recompilation of JSPs? We have never seen this before. It appears to have started when we switched to 3.1.1.


Rick Ross
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