We have recently moved from resin-3.0.x to resin-3.1.x, and we are trying to get a measure of control over the new Java-based "watchdog" process. When it was a perl script, it consumed about 3.5-4Mb of resident ram, but the Java one (even after giving it fairly aggressive jvm arguments via watchdog-args) is consuming 127Mb of resident ram on the same server.

Maybe we haven't been aggressive enough in trying to reduce the watchdog's footprint. Here are the watchdog-arg values we're using. Can we trim this back even further?



PS - We have affectionately name the new one "WatchPig" in honor of being 30 times larger than the perl watchdog. As a longtime Java advocate this one is a little bit embarrassing to me. I don't see why the Java proc can't be a LOT more svelte. It does seem to be keeping a lot of threads alive (possibly in order to support the JMX remote

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