Hi there,

I've got an interesting database pooling need. I have multiple databases, each 
with a different URL which is determined dynamically at runtime. Therefore, I 
cannot provide these URL (or associated database info) at configuration time.

I need to be able to dynamically instruct Derby's DataSource to provide a 
connection to a particular database, with particular parameters.

On Jetty web server, I cast the DataSource to a 
org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientConnectionPoolDataSource and I can then call 
methods on that class to point it at the right database.

However, on resin, the DataSource returned to me is the DBPool. What I need is 
some way to get at the underlying ClientConnectionPoolDataSource and call 
methods on it. I was looking at the JDK 6/JDBC 4 Wrapper class as a possible 
way to get at the underlying DataSource implementation, but I don't kow if 
that's the rght aproach, or if Resin even supports it.

If I use a standard non-pooled org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDataSource then I 
don't have this problem since Resin just returns the ClientDataSource as 
expected. But then I don't get pooling, which I need. Please advise.


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