All right, I found the problem in an seemengly unrelated class but that 
was being serialized through references. The error message was quite 
misleading, but going step-by-step through the latest CVS commits I was 
able to isolate the class.
There was a bug in that class in the custom serialization process to 
rebuild some transient fields, and that was affecting how other classes 
in the same stream were being serialised, hence the misleading error 
Thanks for the suggestions and my apologies for the false alarm :).

Daniel López escribió:
> Hi,
> Well, I was able to isolate the problem from the Resin handling of 
> sessions, so it seems there's something wrong with my class and Java 
> serialization. The class that is shown in the error is not causing the 
> problem on its own, that's why my first standalone tests worked, but it 
> is stored inside the session wrapped in another class and this 
> combination is somehow failing. I cannot test it outside Resin, as this 
> class is created from information from HttpSession etc. but as I said 
> the problem seems to be in the standard (de)serialization of that set of 
> classes.
> I tried serializing to XML and I ended up with an empty XML file, no 
> errors reported, and serializing produces a file that "looks" fine but 
> I'm unable to deserialize it.
> I'll have to go back to CVS history and apply changes one by one to see 
> what change triggers the error... oh well.
> Thanks for your help,
> D.

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