I will reiterate Daniel's good advice: never put application  
libraries/classes in the "global" classpath, unless you are  
absolutely certain you know what you're doing.  Even then, you  
probably should avoid the practice.

As to your particular problem, I notice that the error message seems  
a bit odd:

On Sep 7, 2007, at 10:32 AM, Janene McCrillis wrote:

> The resin error log file shows this:
> [2007/09/07 14:05:59] Unresolved compilation problems:
>       The import org.apache cannot be resolved

Is that the entire message?  That would seem to indicate not a  
library problem at all, but a compilation problem.  In particular,  
that you've got the nonsensical statement

import org.apache

somewhere.  Actually, I've noticed something that I consider  
fascinating, which is that when I do an over-hasty compile/deploy and  
I miss the fact that one of my Java classes has compilation errors,  
resin (which has no access to the source) presents me with an error  
message like the one above, and includes an error message from the  
*compiler*.  Fascinating, because it seems to mean that even though  
the compile failed, the compiler produced some sort of object code  
which indicates the error, and the loading JVM is able to read that  
code and recreate the compiler message.



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