> > Long story short.... I'm trying to run Jasper report server on Resin 
> > instead of Tomcat.  It seems to work OK except for when it comes to 
> > large objects at which point the PostgreSQL driver throws an exception 
> > that all LO operations must be performed inside a transaction...
> > 
> > Tomcat has an option to turn off auto-commits at the resource 
> > definition.  Does Resin have anything along these lines?
> Added a bug report:
> http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=2001

The transaction filter can be used to solve this problem:

 <filter filter-name='transaction-filter'

  <filter-mapping url-pattern='/*'

The example above causes all requests to be done within a transaction.  The
url-pattern could be made more specific so that only those requests that use
jasper reports are captured by the filter.

-- Sam

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