--- Huitang Li <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I found the cause of the problem by debugging the resin 3.1.3
> source code.
> The problem is caused by the setPrefix() method in the class 
> XMLStreamWriterImpl (the implementation class of XMLStreamWriter). 
> Whenever this method is called, by default the namespace will not
> be 
> included in generating the element. I did not look at the Axis2 
> implemention of this XMLStreamWriter yet. However, axis2 does not
> have 
> this side effect when the setPrefix() is called. Not sure whether
> this 
> is a bug for resin or not. It would be awesome if resin developers
> can 
> consider this case when they modify XMLStreamWriterImpl class.

Hi Huitang,

Thanks for tracking this down for us.  I think this is the same bug
as this one:


but I couldn't reproduce it before.  I'll take a look at the code and
see if I can get this fixed for the next snapshot.

Thanks again,


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