this would still be considered a web application.  you would build your
services as java classes and expose them via Hessian.  the way that
happens internally is via a Hessian servlet.  that will probably be your
only servlet in the web application.

you can then tune Resin specifically for your web app.  for example, you
can turn off session handling completely (I think).


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Hi everybody,

i'm very new to application server behaviour, but i'm impressed of the 
combination from Resin and Hessian. This seems to be a quiet good idea 
of implementing web services.

My question is the following: I don't want to implement a 
Webapplication, but want offer a web service interface for my standalone

application. Therefore, i want to use hessian as web services protocoll 
and the resin app server. I didn't need session management or something 
else, and i want, that my application is only started one time for 
unbounded web service queries. Is this possible with resin app server?

Thanks for answering.

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