>> The first approach we tried is pass the job into Resin by using Remote
>> EJB, but since some jobs take more than hours to run, this causes  
>> Resin
>> throws SocketTimeout.
> That sounds more like a JMS application.
* The application is still more towards to J2EE, JMS is introduced as 
workaround  to avoid remote ejb timeout. *
>> There is no problem to locate JMS resources if it calls in the same  
>> JVM,
>> but it seems very different if this happens cross JVM, and currently I
>> cant find any docs  about this. Any one have same issue?
> Which JMS provider are you using?
> In general, Resin treats JNDI as a local registry.  Since the sending  
> JVM has a different view of JMS than the receiver, it would use a  
> different JNDI entry.
> -- Scott
* Current we are using Resin shipped JMS Provider, as it is slim and 
fast (in process running). *


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