In my (limited) experience, the watchdog process is determined by the
value of "watchdog-port" configured for the server. If you don't
configure a port explicitly, all servers will use the same default
value, and hence the same watchdog process.

I was also surprised that this works "across users". Apparently, any
user can connect to any watchdog, and the server runs (by default) as
the user running the watchdog process.

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On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 11:56:19 -0800, "Chris Chen"
> I have a quick question.  This may possibly be directed to Scott.
> How does resin determine what resin server instances run under the
> same watchdog process?  This relates to a bug issue that I just posted
> in bug track.
> Does resin use the server root, the monitored ports, the resin.conf,
> and others to determine this or does it simply allow anyone to write a
> "matching" (even if it's a hacking attempt) resin.conf to run under
> the same watchdog process.  I would like to know how resin does this
> as I described the security concern in more detail on bug track:
> Thanks, Chris
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