I think the idea of the Resign server is quite cool...however there are some 
things that are a turn off still and that make it less attractive for many 
webmasters to switch over to the Resin server.

Nobody is going to rewrite a large application just for Resign - either it 
works or it does not.

Resin throuws lots of exceptions in various circumstances that are not 
necessary and should better handle the exceptions properly. This means having 
to rewrite lots of code, just to be compatible with Resin. 

Some examples:

- Sometimes if is better, for performance issues to insert data into a table 
with certain constraints without checking as the checking takes too much time. 
A "normal" PHP/MySQL application would just not insert anything but continue to 
work (e.g. if you generate a sitemap of your website by just inserting "unique" 
urls in a table every time a page is called)  Resign just stops working and 
refuses to continue and throughs an exception that exits.

- you can not configure (?) whether it is allowed to access variables directly 
(e.g. $param instead of $_GET[param])

- I think Resign also has problems with global parameter passing and the scope 
of variables in many situations.

To me it appears somewhat "beta".

Just my 2 Cents....


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