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1.) When using the watchdog manager in an ISP environment, what does the

<resin-conf>/resin/conf/resin.conf</resin-conf>, file need to contain?

This is the configuration for the user's Resin instance. It will have the normal <cluster>, <host>, etc.

The only thing it will be missing is the <watchdog-port> and <jvm-arg>.

That file will be readable by the user, by the way, unlike the watchdog's conf.

The default resin.conf has items like watchdog, etc, but I would assume that some of these config tags are not necessary.

Right. In an ISP setting, you're splitting the resin.conf into two files. One for the watchdog and one for the Resin instance. So the watchdog configuration tags don't belong in the user's resin.conf.

Or would the watchdog.conf, call resin.conf and hence start a second/ new watchdog.conf…? If that made sense.

Yes, but the second conf is a resin.conf, not watchdog.

2.) For an ISP the <resin-root>, is this simply the document root, or is this a full resin install?

resin-root is the root-directory at the <resin> environment. So it's something like /var/www.

resin-home is the directory of the Resin installation.

3.) For an ISP the <chroot> tag has been implemented in the most recent snapshot.
Are there any docs on this yet?

No, and it hasn't been fully tested yet (although the implementation call is pretty simple).

I read the brief notes in Mantis regarding this. Is it the <chroot> tag within the <watchdog-manager> as suggested in the bug comments. http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=2426 . As commented does this need to have: full resin, full jdk, resolv.conf, within the chroot directory and I assumed owned by the user noted in the watchdog.conf?

It would be in the <watchdog>, because each user gets his own chroot.

And, yes, you need everything that the application might need to run. (Actually, that's the reason it hasn't been tested yet. Configuring that might be a pain.) You might need stuff like /bin/sh as well.

-- Scott

<resin xmlns="http://caucho.com/ns/resin";>

  <user name="harry" password="MD5HASH=="/>



  <watchdog id="vssc1">


    <open-port address="" port="80"/>



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