(week 3 of 8)

The snapshot is primarily bug fixes.  There's been steady work on JSF,  
Quercus, and Amber/JPA fixes.  The next few weeks will be continued  
work on JSF, Quercus, Amber, and EJB, basically improving our tests  
and  cleaning up the implementation.

The only new feature is <log-handler>, which is just a cleanup of the  
old <log>.

Since Resin's log is based on java.util.logging, there are two pieces  
to configure: the handlers and the Loggers.

The <log-handler> creates a new handler and assigns it a name and  
level.  It should replace most uses of <log>.

<logger> just sets the logging level for the named  

So, to see if a particular log message to "qa.MyBean" will go to a log  
handler at, say, "fine", there are basically two checks.

First, if the "qa.MyBean" Logger itself is configured for the "fine"  
level.  If not, just skip.

Second, see which handlers are registered for "qa.MyBean", and check  
the handlers' levels.  If the handlers' levels are also "fine", then  
send the message to the handle.

The older <log> combined both <log-handler> and <logger> into one  
configuration item, which could be confusing.

(2008-03-20) admin: profiling issue with MacOSX (#2480, rep by Javier  
boot: 64-bit windows does not use -d64 flag (#2501, rep by fesse)
amber: native query needs to use column names (#1716)</li>
amber: @OneToMany was ignoring fetch annotation (#2423, rep by Daniel  
amber: @PersistenceUnit was not initialized before binding @Component  
(#2498, rep by wesley)
config: updated resource-ref schema to match JavaEE 5 (#2143, rep by  
Gary Zhu)
ssl: add cipher-suites to jsse-ssl (#2360, rep by Jay Ballinger)
webapp/jmx: add Version attribute to WebAppMXBean (#2463)
ioc: add WebBeansContainer.getBeansOfType (#2413)
jsp: pageContext ELResolver wasn't handling getType properly (#2451,  
rep by anloci)
install: with --prefix, copy php, plugins and ext-webapp-lib (#2473,  
rep by stbu)
hessian: hessian method overloading cost needs to be long (#2466, rep  
by zipeg)
boot: add chroot as watchdog capability (#2426)
boot: increase fd max when possible (#2467)
shutdown-wait-max had incorrect rnc schema (#2492)
ejb: conflict between ejb-jar.xml and ejb-stateless-bean (#2479, rep  
by Gary Zhu)
ioc: jar order should not affect injection (#2490, rep by Andreas  
boot: remove watchdog requirement that server's resin.conf must match  
(#2484, rep by Chris Chen)

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