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> Hi there,
> We have a server running under Digital Unix, JDK 1.4 and Resin 3.0.21.
> Due to some problems with a library, the context is being restarted
> every hour, through a "touch web.xml", and it usually runs fine.
> However, this morning the server failed to restart appropriately, the
> whole instance had been restarted 5 hours before, and looking at the
> logs, the application reported that ServletContext.getRealPath("") had
> returned RESIN_HOME instead of the application context... not sure if
> that was the cause or just a symptom but in any case our service  
> failed
> to restart appropriately, with libraries failing to load components.
> The service logs its base directory each time it is restarted, and  
> it's
> done 23 times a day, 7 days a week, so I really doubt it's our service
> reporting incorrectly what ServletContext.getRealPath("") returns,  
> as it
> is quite a "basic" method.
> It's just happened this time and due to the strange nature of the  
> error
> and the old platform I have to use, I cannot upgrade and do reliable
> tests, but I just wanted to notify, just in case it helps detecting
> other kind of problems. It might be a weird synchronization issue as
> service is restarted while traffic is hitting it.

I'm not exactly certain if it's the same issue, but there was a timing  
issue with older versions of Resin where a restart could cause the  
root-directory of a web-app to be set incorrectly.  That should be  
fixed in the current versions.

-- Scott

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