Thanks, Emil, for the quick response

When resin's comet suspends the thread, does it not count against the
<thread-max> setting?  If not, that's great.

We're pretty deeply committed to GWT right now - lots of implementation
already, so I need to figure out a good way to get GWT to work with resin
comet.  I can think of two possibilities to try:

1) make inital calls to GWT's RemoteServiceServlet, and pass its
getThreadLocalRequest() and getThreadLocalResponse() into the comet servlet
service() and resume().  Then hope the suspension and everything still works

2) make initial calls to a resin comet servlet, then dig into the GWT source
and figure out what classes are doing the serialization of the RPC objects.
Have the comet servlet use these directly.

Could you see either approach working? and if so, which would you recommend?
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