On Sep 2, 2008, at 1:33 AM, Clemens Perz wrote:

> Hi!
> Same question as Heimo had - how can I get more information on the php
> level?
> I just installed the latest stable DokuWiki under 3.1.7 and get a  
> lot of
> regex exceptions output - but no hint or information what the  
> problem is.
> Is there a way to put Quercus into a slow debug mode where you could  
> see
> at least what function was called before the Exception occured?

Normally, you want to run in compiled mode for any debugging.  Any  
stack trace will show the exact functions by their Java-mangled-name.   
Exceptions in interpreted mode are too obscure (because the  
interpreter stack doesn't show anything useful about the PHP names.)

Logging should be going to Resin's normal logging.  You might need to  
turn on the logging level to level="fine" or "finer" to get all the  

-- Scott

> Are there any PHP error messages logged to error_log? I can set it in
> resin-web.xml, it is shown to be set by a call to ini_get_all() - but
> the file is never created, never gets any lines.
> If I call phpinfo(), I can see that the WEB-INF/php.ini is used. I  
> tried
> to change the filename by setting
> <ini-file>WEB-INF/php.change.my.name.ini</ini-file> anywhere I can  
> think
> of, but it never changed in the phpinfo call. Is this by design?
> I have put a small php.ini file into any WEB-INF dir that was not fast
> enough to escape my bombing run - but whatever values I change, they
> never change in the output of ini_get_all(). Is this by design?
> Or did I just miss the bit of documentation that tells me which  
> settings
> I can use and which are ignored?
> I'm confused - hope you can give me some hints :)
> Cheers,
> Clemens
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