I've apparently found a way to kill the Velocity parsing in resin 3.1.3 and
3.1.4 (pro).  We use velocity style syntax extensively throughout the our
site and this hurdle is baffling me.  I can confirm via a simple
"velocityEnabled.jsp" that if I comment out most of our app's web.xml and
leave in the <jsp velocity-enabled="true"> tag, I can print variables out
with velocity syntax.  If I uncomment the remaining tags in web.xml (I'll
refer to this as ""), velocity dies.

I downloaded our web.xml (I'll refer to this as "" ) file from
production and velocity works again.  Thus, there is something being loaded
(a resource, jms queue, resin db, one of our classes) via the
that neuters velocity.  I'm trying to comment blocks out to see what
resource is the offender, but due to the size of our web.xml file, this will
take a bit more toggling to get to the source.  I'll continue doing that to
isolate, but curious if there is anything that could end up disabling the
velocity rendering.  The *parsing* works - that is, the pages get compiled. 
It's just that blocks like ${foo} don't get rendered.  Things that come to

* something with logging?  I noticed some errors about Log4J not being able
to write to a directory due to perms, and curious if logging somehow dies,
does velocity rendering die?
* jar file issues?  I've noticed including or excluding some jars, like
struts (and jakarta commons logging and log4j), can also neuter the
rendering.  This would seem less likely to be the culprit in this case,
because downloading and running with that re-enables velocity.

Thanks in advance,

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