I can't in the near term.  With all the tag changes and changes to  
things like scheduled tasks, we realized going from 3.1.3 forward is a  
heck of an investment.  We tried to make the jump but got pulled into  
the weeds on a bunch of little nits and decided to stay put for now  
(even the jump up to a minor point release in 3.1 turned out  to be a  
big deal).

The odd thing is that velocity works, but it's possible to put it in a  
state where it doesn't based on some config I haven't successfully  
tracked down.

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On Sep 29, 2008, at 4:46 PM, Scott Ferguson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Sep 25, 2008, at 10:12 PM, tweihs wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I've apparently found a way to kill the Velocity parsing in resin
>> 3.1.3 and
>> 3.1.4 (pro).  We use velocity style syntax extensively throughout
>> the our
>> site and this hurdle is baffling me.  I can confirm via a simple
>> "velocityEnabled.jsp" that if I comment out most of our app's
>> web.xml and
>> leave in the <jsp velocity-enabled="true"> tag, I can print
>> variables out
>> with velocity syntax.  If I uncomment the remaining tags in web.xml
>> (I'll
>> refer to this as ""), velocity dies.
> Can you check this on 3.2.0?  We did disable velocity on some of the
> earlier 3.1 releases (due to internal refactoring of JSP parsing.)
> -- Scott
>> I downloaded our web.xml (I'll refer to this as "" )
>> file from
>> production and velocity works again.  Thus, there is something being
>> loaded
>> (a resource, jms queue, resin db, one of our classes) via the
>> that neuters velocity.  I'm trying to comment blocks out to see what
>> resource is the offender, but due to the size of our web.xml file,
>> this will
>> take a bit more toggling to get to the source.  I'll continue doing
>> that to
>> isolate, but curious if there is anything that could end up
>> disabling the
>> velocity rendering.  The *parsing* works - that is, the pages get
>> compiled.
>> It's just that blocks like ${foo} don't get rendered.  Things that
>> come to
>> mind:
>> * something with logging?  I noticed some errors about Log4J not
>> being able
>> to write to a directory due to perms, and curious if logging somehow
>> dies,
>> does velocity rendering die?
>> * jar file issues?  I've noticed including or excluding some jars,
>> like
>> struts (and jakarta commons logging and log4j), can also neuter the
>> rendering.  This would seem less likely to be the culprit in this
>> case,
>> because downloading and running with that re-enables
>> velocity.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> -tyson
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