I'm upgrading from resin 3.1.1 to 3.1.6 which is, I believe, the
current stable version.  I tried my existing startup script and got
this error:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] local]# /etc/init.d/resin start
unknown argument '-pid'

usage: java -jar resin.jar [-options] [status | start | stop | restart
| kill | shutdown]

where options include:
   -conf <file>          : select a configuration file
   -log-directory <dir>  : select a logging directory
   -resin-home <dir>     : select a resin home directory
   -root-directory <dir> : select a root directory
   -server <id>          : select a <server> to run
   -watchdog-port <port> : override the watchdog-port
   -verbose              : print verbose starting information

The relevant bit of the startup script is:

su $USER -c "$HTTPD start -verbose -J-server -J-Xms1024m -J-Xmx1024m \
         -Djava.awt.headless=true -pid $PID -jvm-log $JVMLOG \
         -stdout $STDOUT -stderr $STDERR $*

where the $VARIABLES have reasonable values.

I checked the resin docs and the wiki but could not find any
information on the -pid option.  I'd like to retain it as the stop
script uses it as a backup shutdown method.  Can anyone point me to
documentation on this?


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