Hello all,

If there is anyone with experience in configuring resin/quercus to run 
Wordpress, would you mind contacting me? I'm specifically working with 
WordPress MU and previously had it running successfully with Apache.

I've setup a virtual host and can get the initial index page to load, 
but all links from that page produce 404s. I'm guessing there is a url 
rewriting issue perhaps? I've been trying to follow this page 
(http://wiki.caucho.com/Quercus:_Wordpress_Mu) and various other pages 

At the moment, I'm using Wordpress MU 1.2.1 and Resin Pro 3.1.2. I'm 
going to try to upgrade to Resin Pro 3.2 as the url rewriting section 
from the wiki url above doesn't seem to be working.


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