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Hi All,

I have a Windows 2003 server running an the 2.1.14 version of resin. We have multiple sites setup in resin at the moment. I’ve been attempting to upgrade to version 3.0 of Resin and had troubles surfing to my site I have.

The main thing to check with IIS or Apache is the /caucho-status page, e.g.

That page will show you the isapi_srun.dll version, the Resin instance used as a config server (to pass configuration from Resin to isapi_srun), and show the URL mapping and cluster configuration.

So, you should look at that page first to understand why IIS isn't contacting Resin.

-- Scott

Basically, I am able to access my site via http://localhost:8080/application but when I try to get to it via the external IP address http://888.888.888.88/application it does not find it for some reason. I am guessing it’s resin.conf file tag that needs to be modified. I include below the host section (which I thought would need modifying in order to get the site running via the IP).

Reading off the documentation, it states to set the IIS directory for the webapp root below.. Not sure what else I need to be wary of.

Any help would be much appreciated.

<!-- configures the default host, matching any host name -->
    <host id="" root-directory=”.”>
         - configures an explicit root web-app matching the
         - webapp's ROOT
      <web-app id="/">
<document-directory>D:/inetpub/ wwwroot/</document-directory>

      <resin:if test="${java.isJava5()}">
           - Administration application /resin-admin
           - password is the md5 hash of the password.
           - localhost is true to limit access to the localhost
        <resin:set var="resin_admin_password"  default=""/>
        <resin:set var="resin_admin_localhost" default="true"/>

<web-app id="/resin-admin" document-directory="${resin.home}/ php/admin"/>

<web-app id="/timesheet" document-directory="${resin.home}/ webapps/timesheet"/>


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