I'm in the middle of reworking our Resin configuration so we can have  
a consistent configuration across both development and production. I'm  
trying to use the <resin:if> and <resin:import> tags to conditionally  
use a particular configuration based on whether it's a devel or  
production box. The problem I'm running into is that the watchdog  
seems to know nothing about the resin: tags in the config file.

For example, if I have in conf/resin.xml a few lines that say:

<resin:if test="true">
<server id="myserver" address="myaddress" port="6803"/>

...and then I start resin by running "bin/resin.sh , I get an error  
message saying:
        server-id 'myserver' has no matching <server> definition.
However, if I remove the open and close tags for resin:if, it works  
fine. This is why I believe that the watchdog is not really parsing  
the whole config file and processing the resin:* tags...

Any suggestions?

-- Elliot

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